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Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

"Let us love, not in word, but in truth and action." 1 John 3:18

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School Logo

Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

"Let us love, not in word, but in truth and action." 1 John 3:18

Our Christian Values

In building solid foundations for every unique individual and putting God’s love at the centre of all we do, our children learn to embrace our diverse world. We encourage our children to learn universally in order to understand our heritage and roots as a village, town, region and nation.  Through strong community links, our children grow in compassion and understanding, promote justice and possess commitment and aspire to make a positive difference. We offer an ambitious curriculum that ignites curiosity along with high personal expectations that fosters resilience  and which enables them to flourish.  Our children are easily distinguished by the courage they show when making brave choices and understand the importance of becoming the very best versions of themselves.


Our Christian Statement embeds all of what we do in school.  We want our children to become the very best version of them selves and as such as strive to make a difference to children's moral character.  

In addition to our six values, we also have a half termly Christian value that we focus upon during our worship and Sprirituality Days in school.


Our Year 6 Christian Ambassador is Lily.  Lily helps to lead our Worship and Values Group and her role is to offer a Christian perspective on our planning and presence within and beyond school.  


Values Assemblies

At the end of each half term, we hold a special Values Assembly.  Teachers actively look for children who are shining examples of these values in their day-to-day lives in school.  Class teachers nominate a child to be put forward for the award and staff discuss each child on merit.  We recognise that even being nominated for an Value Award is a huge achievement.   



AWARDS 2023 - 24



Autumn 1  :  Benji, Year 1

Benji has been chosen for the value of compassion because he is always looking out for everyone, adults included. One such example is from an event that happened at lunch time. The children were sitting eating their lunch when a child accidentally knocked their drink onto the floor. Benji stood up straight away, grabbed some tissue and immediately started to help. He even gave the child whose lunch had fallen over a tissue for their face.  Throughout the school day, Benji often shows his compassion towards others by always offering to help, supporting his peers, particularly when upset and showing us that he is a lovely, kind and warm-hearted person.  Well done Benji!


Autumn 2  :  Franklin, Year 1

Franklin has been chosen for the value of compassion because a couple of weeks ago one of our class members wasn't feeling very well. The teachers in class were helping to make the child feel better and suggested the unwell child might like to have their lunch in the classroom where it was nice and quiet.  Franklin finished his lunch in the hall and then noticed his friend feeling unwell and having their lunch in the classroom. He then took it upon himself to come and sit with his friend and to chat to them to make them feel better. The teachers could hear many kind words and he definitely helped his friend to feel better.  Well done to Franklin for showing lots of compassion towards your peers!


Spring 1 : Olivia, Year 4

Olivia consistently demonstrates compassion towards her peers and teachers. She is always the first to offer help or support to anyone in need. Whether it is listening to those in need or helping those with work, Olivia's caring nature is always evident. She never hesitates to show empathy and kindness, making everyone feel valued and appreciated. Olivia's compassionate actions truly make a positive impact in our classroom and school. 


Spring 2 : Sofia, Year 5

As teachers, we are always trying to ensure our pupils are happy and feeling their best in school, it’s a part of our job and an aspect we take pride in and an aspect we don’t always expect our pupils to reciprocate. However, Sofia has gone above and beyond to ensure this happens and to show how compassionate she is, not just to the students around her but to staff as well. Sofia noticed that I may not have been feeling my best one day, she asked if I was OK and offered an endlessly supply of hugs. Not only this, but she then proceeded to write me a letter, letting me know it was OK to be feeling this way and that she would be there for me if I needed her. I was utterly blown away by her emotional intelligence, compassion and kindness. This is a value I see in her every single day but this was truly special and I will always be grateful for her compassionate efforts. 



Autumn 1 : Charlotte, Year 6

Charlotte’s understanding of all situations and of other people's needs is way beyond her years. She recognises when people need help and how best to help them but also when to allow them to be independent and try for themselves. She offers support and encouragement to her friends, peers and teachers and is always positive in any situation. She gives up her time and her own opportunities to help others and she is always incredibly patient. You are a delight to watch Charlotte. 


Autumn 2 : Morgan, Reception

Morgan is very caring. He much aware of his surroundings and makes a conscious effort to understand people's differing needs and emotions. Not only does he check in with children to make sure they are OK, but he also makes sure that he is playing fairly with his friends. He is a valued member of Reception class. Well done Morgan!


Spring 1 :  Annie, Year 5

This half-term, Annie has shown an incredible understanding of her individual strengths and abilities. Throughout the units that have been taught this half-term, Annie has recognised how her creative strengths can be used in the school environment.  She has developed a great understanding of taking on a project, has had the ability determine the resources she needs to develop herself and her knowledge as a successful learner, and how to use all of these to the best of her ability. By developing this understanding, I have seen Annie thrive in a variety of situations and develop as a learner.  She is beginning to evolve into an all-around versatile pupil. Her understanding, teamed with hard work and dedication has transformed the work she has produced and she should be very proud of herself.  


Spring 2 : Finley, Year 4

During our RE unit this half term, we have been looking at the story of Easter and how it shows betrayal and trust. Finley could recite the whole of the Easter story in amazing detail, he did this with so much confidence which was amazing to see and really showed his understanding of the story. Through engaging discussions, Finley has shown a deep understanding of how trust can be broken, as seen in Judas' betrayal of Jesus. Moreover, Finley comprehends the complexities of rebuilding trust, connecting this with Peter's denial and following forgiveness in the story. This interesting understanding reflects Finley's empathy and insight into human relationships, he can explain how we should treat those around us with respect in order to build trust.




Autumn 1 :  Nicole, Year 4

Nicole is very good at hearing both sides of a story and does her best to sort the disagreement. She understands that every story has 2 sides and knows the importance of listening to everyone. She has a strong sense of fairness and will show empathy to those around her and exhibits a strong commitment to telling the truth and justice. She understands that taking responsibility is important and she tries to share this knowledge with others. Nicole is incredibly kind and caring to everyone and wants to ensure everyone is happy and content.  


Autumn 2 :  Lily, Year 6

Lily demonstrates a strong sense of justice in everything that she does. She asks perceptive questions about how people are treated and why they are treated in that way. Lily considers the fairness of situations and is willing to respectfully challenge things that she finds to be unjust. Lily shows great empathy thinking not just about herself but how all the people can be included. Lily considers the impact that events will have on others, she has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and is not afraid to voice her views.  Well done Lily, keep up the good work. 


Spring 1 : Ronnie, Year 4

Ronnie consistently demonstrates a commitment to justice both in the classroom and on the playground. In the classroom, Ronnie exhibits fairness by respecting the contributions of all classmates and makes everyone feel heard and welcomed. On the playground, Ronnie follows rules and likes to make sure everyone is included and is happy. Ronnie always sets a positive example for his peers and contributes to keeping our classroom and school a joyful place to be. 


Spring 2 : Olivia, Year 6

Olivia is a shining example of how to treat others with respect, dignity and compassion.  She shows a huge amount of understanding and application to the large word of ‘Justice’.  Her interactions with others – no matter what class they are from / whether this is a member of staff or whether this is someone visiting school is incredible and a real asset to school.  She treats others fairly and is an exceptional role model for Justice.  Well done Olivia.



Autumn 1 : Jack H, Year 2

Jack has blown us away with his knowledge of animals and their habitats. He has thrived in our science and English lessons this half term with his facts about all different animals and the technical vocabulary too. He has soaked up new information and, when asked, he can recall the new facts! He is our very own little David Attenborough. Not only that, but Jack aspires to learn more and help educate others about animals too. He regularly comes out to the front to show us things and he's taught me a few facts that even I didn't know.  I love his passion for learning in this area and how his face lights up when he is given the time to talk about his passion. His passion has translated onto other children who are now choosing non-fiction books about animals and bringing them in to show us their favourite page. Thank you Jack for encouraging others to develop their aspirations too. You are a great addition to our class and school. 


Autumn 2 : Alistair, Year 3

Alistair has been nominated for the value of aspire for showing the determination to always find ways to improve himself and for having an excellent attitude to his learning. He is always working his hardest in class and he is always keen to find out what he can do to improve and be even better. Recently, he wanted to share his enthusiasm about a novel which he had been reading at home. He gave the class a full book review and he informed Miss Ainscough that he had been reading at least 20 pages every night (of his own accord), which is amazing!  Miss Ainscough and Mrs Taylor are looking forward to seeing Alistair’s ambition continue throughout the year, allowing him to continue to aim as high as he can.


Spring 1 : Oliver E, Reception

Oliver has worked incredibly hard. It's not always easy to remember everything we learn each day, but he has impressed all the staff in reception with his determination towards the phonics sounds, reading and writing. He has aspired to learn new things and grow his brain (which is exactly what we talk about in our My Happy Mind lessons).  Well done, Oliver! 


Spring 2 : William, Year 2

William has really turned a corner this term. He has really worked hard on his personal targets and has shown the ability to concentrate and focus on his learning.  William has wanted to participate more in class and work alongside his peers. This is an excellent example of a child aspiring to improve.  He has enjoyed learning about animals this term and has shown lots of enthusiasm and knowledge about how to look after animals, especially our school tortoise.  William enjoys learning and has worked hard to demonstrate his understanding in different subjects and has aspired to join in with class activities.  He regularly helps around the classroom and wants to be part of our class community more and more. Not only in our class, but William has shown leadership skills with younger members of our school and has been a role model for them. William is a valued member of our class and it has been a pleasure to see him aspiring, achieving more and being part of our class community.



Autumn 1 : Evie, Year 3

Evie has been chosen for this value for her overall resilience towards achieving her personal targets. She has worked exceptionally hard with Miss Ainscough and Mrs Taylor to continue to improve her understanding and it is certainly paying off! She has developed a ‘have a go’ attitude and is always participating during lessons, even if she is not too sure. She has made a huge amount of progress both personally and academically this half term, which is down to her continued effort and resilience. Miss Ainscough and Mrs Taylor are looking forward to seeing Evie’s confidence continue to grow.  


Autumn 2 : Oscar S, Year 6

Oscar has shown great resilience this half term. He has worked hard to improve his reading, he doesn't find it easy but has tried really hard and not given up when it has been difficult. Oscar has taken constructive feedback positively, acted on it, and persevered until he has seen improvement. He is now reading with much more fluency. Oscar has also shown resilience with his spelling. Although he still finds this difficult, he keeps on going with a good attitude to learning. Through resilience and the strength to keep on going, Oscar is showing great improvements which has had a positive impact on his confidence too.  Well done Oscar, Keep up the good work.


Spring 1 : Ruby, Year 5

Ruby has shown an incredible amount of resilience since she started here. It is never easy moving homes and schools and at times, these changes and emotions can be very overwhelming. Ruby recognises her feelings extremely well; has outlets she can use to express them and does so to ensure that they do not interfere with her hard-working nature. She has an incredible ability to see the positives in every situation and to overcome any obstacles in her way. Her resilience and determination have developed massively over the last half-term, and she should be incredibly proud of herself. Ruby will always take on a challenge and tackle it head-on, no matter how many hurdles have been placed in front of her (in a variety of situations), she bounds over them with maturity and always embraces our value of resilience. She may be a newer member of school, but I can safely say she is a superb role-model to her class and community. 


Spring 2 : Jude, Reception

Jude has continuously shown resilience this half term. He has shown the staff in Reception that, even when things are tricky, he still tries really hard. He never gives up and continuously tries until he gets the correct answer. In particular, he has demonstrated resilience towards learning the phonics sounds and blending for reading. Well done, Jude! 



Autumn 1 : Leo L, Year 5

Leo has exuded massive amounts of courage over the course of this half-term and has overcome obstacles which previously might have stood in his way. He has grown hugely in confidence since Year 4 in several different aspects of school life. He is trying his hardest not to let overthinking and worrying get in the way of achieving. His courage and confidence have enabled him to broaden his horizons and embrace opportunities that are presented to him. This was particularly evident when Year 5 conducted their church worship. The courage shown was noted by everyone watching and moved several people who know him well. He should be incredibly proud of himself, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the brave and confident young man he is becoming. 


Autumn 2 : Isla, Year 4

Isla has shown tremendous amounts of courage this term, it is lovely to see her confidence growing every single day! This was very apparent when Year 3 and 4 were asked to do a Christmas performance. They could all choose what to do in the performance and Isla wanted to do a poem; a few days later, she handed me a letter asking if she could instead take part in a dance! Isla has been up in church singing and dancing for parents, staff and her friends and I could not be any prouder of the progress she has made and the courage she has shown!


Spring 1 : Oliver KC

Oliver was nominated for this half term’s value of courage, for his courageous and determined attitude to step outside of his comfort zone and try something new. I’m sure others can understand that sometimes speaking confidently in front of lots of people can be nerve-wracking, and it can require bravery and confidence. Well, Oliver did just that! A few weeks ago, Year 3 led a church worship on the value of courage and Oliver couldn’t have been more courageous. He stood up in front of lots of parents and children in church, and confidently spoke about a time when he had shown courage. Mrs Taylor and I are so proud of you, and we can’t wait to see him continue to be courageous by pushing himself to try new things. Congratulations!


Spring 2 : Casey, Year 4

Casey has grown in courage and confidence since she started this year. It has been so lovely to see her joining in class discussions and working with those around her. Her courage has shone even brighter recently, both in school and outside of school. She is a member of the Worship and Values committee where she has confidently stood in front of the school to present assemblies and taken part in the meetings. It has been amazing to see the change when I have been taking them swimming too, when we first went she was very reluctant to get in the water but now it is like a whole different person! She is so excited to go swimming every week and she has been making amazing progress every time.



GENEROSITY : Autumn 1 : Theo, Reception

Theo has really showcased the meaning of generosity this half term.  He is kind and caring and will always share the objects he is playing with to make sure everyone is included.  He does this without being asked to and it has been noticed by numerous adults, which is lovely to see.   


JOY : Autumn 2 : Orla, Year 5

Orla has brought joy to me every single day since I took on this class. She is an incredibly polite, kind and selfless person. Every single day without fail, Orla comes to me at the end of each lesson and thanks me for teaching her - even if it isn't her favourite subject. She also asks me how I am and if there is anything she can do to help. Orla checks in on those around her, and she often bakes for me and those in the class which also brings immense joy to everyone. Orla treats everyone equally, is consistent in ensuring she is doing everything she can to be thoughtful and ensure everyone is happy. She is well and truly deserving of this award and I'm very confident they will continue to spread the Christmas spirit and guarantee everyone has a joyful time. 


COURAGE : Spring 1 : Oliver KC (as above)


JOY : Spring 2 :  Harry H, Year 2

Harry is the epitome of joy! I can always count on Harry to walk into our classroom each morning with a huge smile on his face, excited for the day ahead and eager to learn. Harry always has a story to tell and has really found a love of reading this year, wanting to share stories with his classmates and even reading to them! A budding teacher in the making. No matter what is asked of Harry, he never complains, tries his best and is a role model for others to follow.  Other adults in school also recognise the joy that Harry exudes, making them smile!  Being our class’s ‘My Happy Mind’ ambassador is the perfect role for Harry and we are so lucky that he helps to create a class community with his joy, helpfulness, care and kindness towards others. Thank you, Harry, for being a joy to teach and bringing your happiness into our classroom every day!


AWARDS 2022-23


Winners :  Jools (Year 5), Mia (Year 4), Millen (Year 5), Bow (Year 2), Keira (Year 4), Thomas (Year 1)



Winners :  Danny (Year 6), William (Year 6), Cameron (Year 6), Archie Max. (Year 1)Edwin (Year 1), Bobby P (Year 3)



Winners :   Olivia (Year 6), Christopher (Year 5), Lucy (Year 3), Bea (Year 2), Sam (Year 6), Tom (Year 6)



Winners : Bobby F (Year 3), Max (Year 6), Ronnie (Year 3), Sofia (Year 4), Cooper (Year 2), Toby (Year 5)



Winners :   Isabella (Year 2), Alexis (Year 3), Annie (Year 4), Rupert (Year 5), Poppy (Year 6), Ellie (Year 2)



Winners : Sienna (Year 5), Daniel (Year 2), Oskar (Year 5), Finley (Year 3), Jack G (Year 4), Paige (Year 6)




Thankfulness :  Harry (Year 1)


Trust : Owen (Year 1)


Perseverance : Finley (Reception)


Service : Evangeline (Reception)


Truthfulness :  Jessica (Year 4)

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