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Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.

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School Logo

Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.

Year One

Welcome to Year 1 and Autumn 1!


Staff in Year One

Class Teacher: Miss S Hardy

Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Taylor and Mrs S Mason


Our Topics

This year we will be studying the following topics:

Autumn 1: Outer Space! 

Autumn 2: The Great Outdoors

Spring 1: The Secret Life of Pets

Spring 2: Food Glorious Food and Superheroes

Summer 1: Family

Summer 2: Toy Story



Spelling homework will be set on Spelling Shed for the children to play and learn. Homework will be maths based and will sent home on Monday's. Other homework will include reading and playing the maths game Prodigy on a weekly basis. 


Reading Books / Library Books

Reading Books will be given out on a Tuesday and a Friday.  At school your child will have the opportunity to read to a member of staff at least two times a week (including our guided reading sessions).


Reading, Writing, Reflection and Design Areas:

We are using Continuous Provision in Year 1, each area will have a challenge for the children to complete. Some of the areas we have include:

A dedicated reading area in class.  The reading area has a wide selection of new books that the children may choose from on a weekly basis.

There is a writing area for two children to work at for extra work on things such as sentence structure, handwriting and SPAG.

We have a reflection area where the children are allowed to spend time reflecting upon anything that has happened in class or at home that week.

A maths area with resources to help the children with any work they are completing. 

There is a creation area where the children can draw, paint or create a range of their ideas!

A finger gym to help with fine motor skills such as cutting and mark making.

Matching to our topic, there is a role play area for the children to use to help their understanding of our topic.

We also have a construction and small world area with lots of resources for the children to use and build with.


Before and After School

At the beginning of the school day, before registration (8.30 – 8.55 depending on arrival time) the children will have different maths, reading and writing activities to complete throughout the year. 

School finishes at 3.15pm. Children will be dismissed from the Copp Cadets door (please follow the one way system when collecting them).


General Reminders

The children will be doing PE twice a week and they may wear their kits all day on Tuesdays and Fridays.  PE kits consist of suitable trainers, black or blue shorts / sports trousers, a white T-shirt and their blue Copp jumpers / cardigans.


The children must also bring in their own water bottles and hand sanitiser in from home, but please make sure that they are labelled also.


Year 1 Useful Websites



If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, either after school when collecting your child, on Class Dojo or by arranging an appointment with Mrs Lawrenson if it is something you would like to discuss further.


Thank you for visiting our class page,

Miss Hardy.

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