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Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.

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School Logo

Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.


Copp School holds a Learning Excellence Award for Best Practice in Music!


At Copp, we ensure continuity and progression of learning through a broad and balanced music curriculum, which encourages awareness, enjoyment and an appreciation of music in all its forms.


INTENT:  to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music, to celebrate their musical talents, increasing self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Where possible, music is taught within themes in order to make it a real-life learning process and lessons are differentiated appropriately.


As well as discrete music lessons in class, the whole school has weekly Worship through Song sessions which help to broaden their understanding/meaning of hymns.  They are also given the opportunity to listen to a range of music selected on the worship theme each week.  Hymns are sung during whole school assemblies.


Instrumental tuition is important at Copp and we provide peripatetic lessons in keyboard and guitar.  Pupils from Y3 are encouraged to join Copp Choir, which has a high profile in the local and wider community.  Groups/individuals are encouraged to showcase their talents during a range of forums, whenever they are confident to do so.


By the end of KS2 pupils will have experienced:


  • an interactive performance by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra;
  • a visit to a Christmas pantomime;
  • the opportunity to perform on the stage for parents and families;
  • the opportunity to join Copp Choir;
  • the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (peripatetic).


Musical terms explained


Pitch:                           how high or low the notes are             
Duration:                      the length of musical notes or patterns and the rhythm they follow
Dynamics:                     the volume of the music (loud or soft)
Tempo:                         the speed or pace of music (eg fast, slow, getting faster)
Timbre:                        the types of sound (eg harsh, bright, smooth)
Texture:                      the amount of layers in music (eg solo or a collection of instruments/voices)
Structure:                    how sounds are organised (they may be repeated and/or have different sections)


Themes are usually devised within topics which means that there are strong links between music and other subjects.


For pupils who are skilled in different areas of music we have the junior choir, peripatetic music lessons in guitar and keyboard.


Please see the document below for more information on key concepts and the curriculum for this year.

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