School Logo

Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.

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School Logo

Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.

Christian Distinctiveness

Our Junior Leadership Team chose the North West Air Ambulance as their charity this year; the helped to organise a bake sale at the Easter Funday and raised £200.

In building solid foundations for every unique individual and putting God’s love at the centre of all we do, our children learn to embrace our diverse world. We encourage our children to learn universally in order to understand our heritage and roots as a village, town, region and nation.  Through strong community links, our children grow in compassion and understanding, promote justice and possess commitment and aspire to make a positive difference. We offer an ambitious curriculum that ignites curiosity along with high personal expectations that fosters resilience  and which enables them to flourish.  Our children are easily distinguished by the courage they show when making brave choices and understand the importance of becoming the very best versions of themselves.


Our Christian Statement embeds all of what we do in school.  We want our children to become the very best version of them selves and as such as strive to make a difference to children's moral character.  

In addition to our six values, we also have a half termly Christian value that we focus upon during our worship and Sprirituality Days in school.


Our Year 6 Christian Ambassador is Lily.  Lily helps to lead our Worship and Values Group and her role is to offer a Christian perspective on our planning and presence within and beyond school.  


Values Assemblies

At the end of each half term, we hold a special Values Assembly.  Teachers actively look for children who are shining examples of these values in their day-to-day lives in school.  Class teachers nominate a child to be put forward for the award and staff discuss each child on merit.  We recognise that even being nominated for an Value Award is a huge achievement.   



AWARDS 2022-23


Winners :  Jools (Year 5), Mia (Year 4), Millen (Year 5), Bow (Year 2), Keira (Year 4), Thomas (Year 1)




Winners :  Danny (Year 6), William (Year 6), Cameron (Year 6)Archie Max. (Year 1)Edwin (Year 1), Bobby P (Year 3)




Winners :   Olivia (Year 6), Christopher (Year 5), Lucy (Year 3), Bea (Year 2), Sam (Year 6), Tom (Year 6)




Winners : Bobby F (Year 3), Max (Year 6), Ronnie (Year 3), Sofia (Year 4), Cooper (Year 2), Toby (Year 5)




Winners :   Isabella (Year 2), Alexis (Year 3), Annie (Year 4), Rupert (Year 5), Poppy (Year 6), Ellie (Year 2)




Winners : Sienna (Year 5), Daniel (Year 2), Oskar (Year 5), Finley (Year 3), Jack G (Year 4), Paige (Year 6)




Thankfulness :  Harry (Year 1)


Trust : Owen (Year 1)


Perseverance : Finley (Reception)


Service : Evangeline (Reception)


Truthfulness :  Jessica (Year 4)



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