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Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.

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School Logo

Great Eccleston Copp

Church of England Primary School

Copp, the village school, where everyone is special
and where God will help us grow.

Christian Distinctiveness

In building solid foundations for every unique individual and putting God’s love at the centre of all we do, our children learn to embrace our diverse world. We encourage our children to learn universally in order to understand our heritage and roots as a village, town, region and nation.  Through strong community links, our children grow in compassion and understanding, promote justice and possess commitment and aspire to make a positive difference. We offer an ambitious curriculum that ignites curiosity along with high personal expectations that fosters resilience  and which enables them to flourish.  Our children are easily distinguished by the courage they show when making brave choices and understand the importance of becoming the very best versions of themselves.


Our Christian Statement embeds all of what we do in school.  We want our children to become the very best version of them selves and as such as strive to make a difference to children's moral character.  

In addition to our six values, we also have a half termly Christian value that we focus upon during our worship and Sprirituality Days in school.


Our Year 6 Christian leader is Scarlett.  Scarlett is a part of the Junior Leadership Team and her role is to offer a Christian perspective on our planning and presence within and beyond school.  


Values Assemblies

At the end of each half term, we hold a special Values Assembly.  Teachers actively look for children who are shining examples of these values in their day-to-day lives in school.  Class teachers nominate a child to be put forward for the award and staff discuss each child on merit.  We recognise that even being nominated for an Value Award is a huge achievement.   



Autumn 1 :  Awarded to Jools in Year 5.

When we were arranging parts for our class worship, Jools showed interest in taking on an acting role. Jools was chosen for one of these roles, but there was another member of the class who was rather upset they didn’t get an acting part. Jools realised they were upset and put his hand up and suggested that his classmate take the acting role and he would prefer to do a speaking part instead and made sure his class mate felt better. 


Autumn 2 : Awarded to Mia in Year 4

For showing compassion to a friend when she really needed it. Mia was very thoughtful and brought in a card and some presents when she saw a friend in her class was upset. She spent time with this friend and made sure she was okay. Mia is always showing compassion to everyone in school, setting a wonderful example to others.  She is very sensitive to the feelings of others and likes to make sure everyone is happy. 


Spring 1 : Awarded to Millen in Year 5

Millen has shown compassion in a variety of difficult and different situations, both in and outside the classroom. He always takes other people's feelings into consideration and makes a conscious effort to ensure everyone is feeling OK. I have seen him be able to cheer everyone up when they have needed it. He has a brilliant smile and is always lighting up the Year 5 classroom. 




Autumn 1 : Awarded to Danny in Year 6

Whilst at Tower Wood, Danny always went last during activities; he enjoyed all of the activities and was confident in what he was doing but rather than wanting to be at the front he would hang back as he recognised that others might need help or support. Danny understood that his success at an activity could support someone else in achieving the same activity.


Autumn 2 : Awarded to William in Year 6

During our history World War I and II unit, William has shown a great understanding for the different behaviours of different groups of people. He has recognised why people behaved in a specific way and has been able to see both sides of an argument or story. He understands how people might feel and knows that different situations cause people to act in different ways. William is able to articulate his understanding both verbally and in writing. Well done, William.


Spring 1 : Awarded to Cameron in Year 6

Cameron showed great understanding and maturity when he stepped back from his place on the football team as there were too many players for the Wyre Small Schools Tournament. Cameron enjoys playing for the school team and is a key member, but without hesitation, he took a step back as he understood that the whole team wasn't able to take part in the tournament. This shows a level of understanding and maturity way beyond his years.   



Autumn 1 : Awarded to Olivia in Year 6

In Year 6 geography, we have been learning about Fairtrade products and whilst they are often dearer it is better to buy Fairtrade goods because they people who have produced the raw materials for them are paid more fairly. Olivia was given a packet of crisps at Tower Wood and she looked at the packet, couldn't find the Fairtrade logo and questioned why they weren't Fairtrade.  Olivia recognised that this is an injustice when people work hard but are not paid fairly for the work that they have done. 


Autumn 2 : Awarded to Christopher in Year 5

In guided reading, we read 'I have a dream'. This book explained how Martin Luther King wrote his famous speech. Children were then tasked to write their own speech about an important issue. Christopher decided to write a speech on global warming. The speech was emotive, moving and was full of points of justice. Christopher spoke about the wider effect this has on many people and how it wasn't fair. He expressed how we all need to work together to help stop global warming for a better future for everyone. It definitely got me thinking. 


Spring 1 : Awarded to Lucy in Year 3

Although Lucy is a quieter member of our Year 3 class, she is often seen helping her classmates and friends by adults around school. On the occasions that there are disagreements in class or outside, no matter how big or small, Lucy is always prepared to be a mediator. Her friends and classmates will ask Lucy to help, as she is impartial and treats everyone, fairly, properly, and reasonably. This shows true empathy and justice which means she is respected, and her advice and outcomes are fair. Lucy applies great listening skills, understanding and shows great empathy for everyone she tries to help.  



Autumn 1 : Awarded to Bobby F in Year 3

Bobby always tries to do his best even though he doesn't find it easy. He completes his work conscientiously and does not allow himself to be distracted whilst writing. He self corrects and edits during the writing process, reflecting on what he has done and how he can make it better. He is committed to doing his best and learns from his mistakes.


Autumn 2 :  Awarded to Max in Year 6

Max has worked very hard this half term to improve his handwriting and spelling. He has aspired to join up and make his writing more legible. He has come into school early each day to work on his targets, never moaning and has always been willing to do the extra work. Max's aspirations are paying off and the results are now being seen in his written work. Well done Max, your hard work is paying off. 


Spring 1 : Awarded to Ronnie in Year 3

Since September, Ronnie has worked hard in class and with a few different adults across the school. He works on different things every day and aspires to try his best and improve in every lesson. He has grown in confidence, and this has spurred him to work harder and harder all while being happy, smiley, polite, and a really kind and conscientious pupil. This aspiration and newfound confidence is shining through in his efforts and improvements in reading and writing. Ronnie is a fantastic example that working hard and pushing yourself pays off and that perseverance is key. 



Autumn 1 : Awarded to Isabella in Year 2

Since arriving as a new student in September, Isabella has shown resilience in many different ways.  She has come across things that have been difficult in class, but she has persevered and shown resilience by not giving up.  At home, Isabella has been working hard on her reading and writing and she has been pushing herself to achieve more.  Resilience is something that Isabella shows on a daily basis, and I love the fact that she never gives up! Well done Isabella, keep up the hard work and keep striving to do your best. 


Autumn 2 : Awarded to Alexis in Year 3

Alexis works incredibly hard with a number of different adults (Mrs Taylor, Miss Whittle, Miss Rees) across the school. In addition to her classwork, she does a lot of extra work to support her learning and she has approached this with a fantastic attitude, amazing resilience and always has a smile on her face. No matter the task that she is given, she knows that this is to support her learning and gives every task 100%. Her attitude towards her learning and school life, in general, is starting to show in all her work and in how she conducts herself in school daily. Well-deserved Alexis.


Spring 1 : Awarded to Annie in Year 4

Annie comes to school everyday with a smile on their face and brightens anyone's day who they speak to. No matter what is going on in her life, she tries her best and she shows so much resilience in absolutely everything. Annie has been through a lot and it has been a tough time for her. But she hasn't let it get to her, she continues to smile every day and does her absolute best in everything. She likes to challenge herself and get involved in her learning, it isn't always easy but she continues to work hard until she is confident in what she does, she doesn't let anything stop her or get her down and she really deserves this award. 



Autumn 1 : Awarded to Sienna in Year 5

I had suggested to Sienna in week 2 that she join the netball club as mum had said she thinks she’d really enjoy it and she’d like her to go. Sienna said she was nervous about joining netball club as she was worried she might not be as good as the others and she was unsure of the rules. Each week I encouraged her to come but she said she was still very nervous and didn’t feel too comfortable. Last week, when we were on the coach coming back from swimming, Sienna said she was definitely going to come to netball on the Monday, no matter how nervous or anxious she felt on the Sunday night. She came and was an amazing player. Also, her over confidence and courage has improved. She had courage to act in front of parents in our worship and is now completing calculations on the big whiteboard  in front of the whole class in maths.


Autumn 2 : Awarded to Daniel in Year 2

Daniel is a hard worker. He can be quite quiet in class.  For our Nativity, I asked each child whether they would like a speaking role or not.  Most of the class put their hand up, and Daniel was one of them.  I thought this would be a great opportunity for him to develop his confidence around others, especially in front of an audience.  I choose Daniel for one of the narrator roles.  Prior to the show, Daniel took his lines home and practised them.  During rehearsals, he was able to read his lines clearly, but needed to work on his volume.  When the Nativity show came around, I was so proud of Daniel – he showed so much courage! He stood in front of his peers AND an audience and projected his voice loud and clear, AND, he had memorised most of his works and didn't even need a script. Well done Daniel! It was fantastic to see you so confident on stage!


Spring 1 : Awarded to Oskar in Year 5

Oskar has shown courage by joining clubs and following his passions, regardless of who else was joining. He was the only boy in the recent dance group and he took on the role tremendously well. He had the courage to speak in front of many people whilst competing.  His confidence and articulation provided the necessary narrative that added to the dance beautifully and he should be very proud of himself. 




(Autumn 1) : Awarded to Harry in Year 1

Harry has always been a polite and helpful member of Year 1 and you can consistently rely on him to say thank you to adults and his peers. He shows thankfulness when being handed resources by adults and other children in class and will often volunteer to help others tidy up and keep our classroom clean and tidy. He took an active part in making our thankfulness tree in class, making leaves and stating what he was thankful for in God’s world.



(Autumn 2) : Awarded to Owen in Year 1

In class, we can always trust Owen to be respectful towards his teachers and his peers. He has impeccable manners and listens to others well. When his classmates are feeling poorly or under the weather, Owen always tries his best to make them feel happy. He often says kind words and gives them a hug. Owen demonstrated this the other day when his friend did not feel well in worship. He held his friend’s hand and stroked their back. Owen can always be trusted to look after our classroom and often asks if he can help the teachers clean up and put resources away. He is definitely one of our best tidiers in Year One! Staff can always rely on Owen to carry out tasks and he always puts in 100% effort to every day. Well done Owen. 



(Spring 1) : Awarded to Finley in Reception

Finley has really persevered with phonics so far this year. It has been quite tricky to learn 50 phonics sounds and it has taken some time for him to remember all the sounds and recall them. Finley has tried really hard with his blending and after persevering, and with a lot of encouragement from Miss Pixton in her phonics sessions, he can now blend some words and identify some tricky words we have been learning. It's very impressive!   

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